They are 2 sisters, two female voices that are accompanied by violin and cello. The result, a string quartet because they play and sing at the same time. This is the main game.

The Sisters grew up in the countryside of Spain in a farmhouse between vineyards. From that silence, their songs are born.

Their music has the influence of nature that has surrounded them from when they were small, that is why it is neither of one colour nor of another , nor of one temperature or another, it is organic and ineffable.

With touches of folk and jazz, the duo was born composing songs only in order to communicate with their grandfather, who lived in Belgium.

Years later, Laia and Flavia decide to take a step forward and share their imaginary world full of music and art with the real world.

Their music is about intimacy and the abyss of approaching the unknown. The circle of this imaginary world closes with two other concepts: the number 4 (4 strings, 4 members, 4 languages, 4 symbols) and the voyage, influences of music from different places on this earth.