The Escarteen Sisters (the duo’s name) had a very good reception on the part of the public, which resulted in more full bar, filling the top floor of Bar Nais. They came to present their new album that came out just a week ago and that includes songs in Catalan, English, Spanish and Flemish, the language of their maternal family.


Laia and Flavia Escartín’s is music that you fall in love with, and therefore it should be shared with many. That is their first goal, to continue expanding this huge family that they are creating day after day, action after action, through their instruments, their voices, and their public.             SURT DE CASA 2018

The Escarteen sisters, want to have an artistic representation in every way and make it a more multidisciplinary project . ENDERROCK 2018

Notes born and created to dance, which sometime is played slow and sometimes accelerated, like two rivers, or perhaps three, that alternate and meet each other. Experimentation therefore but not improvisation: they emerge in journeys, represented in sounds, well-structured and deep, and that inevitably lead us far.            


Many thanks to the duo The Escarteen Sisters for the wonderful concert last Saturday at El Patio coworking. An unforgettable night full of good music.                           EL PATIO, MADRID 2018

This duet from the Penedes County, Catalonia wants to “perpetuate their sounds that have emerged so far” and take a step further in the transmission of their songs, intimate and magnetic themes around the stories that they want to explain to us.                         


Very artists, delicate and intense, interpretive mastery, beautiful voices … I’ve become a fan! Congrats !!!                                 


The Escarteen Sisters. Music in the parks. I met Laia Escartin a little over a year ago in a jazz jam session … it’s the only time I got up from the cajón to applaud a singer like the rest of the musicians … Well, Laia has a sister, Flavia, and together they form the duo The Sisters apart. It is the third time that we have seen them, and they keep intact the ability to surprise. They are great communicators, They have a great connection between them, and they make it extendible to the audience. They are eclectic, they sing in English, Castilian, Belgian, Catalan …. And during the concerts, they create Magical moments that touch you …. They have magic, spirit, talent … In September, they will do a crowdfunding to record super first job … there, we will be supporting them so that they continue on this super road. You are unique girls …  GABY QUESADA 2017